Why I Chose to Homeschool

I feel like I have always wanted to teach since I was a little girl. I would use my birthday money to spend on “teacher” stuff at a teacher store close to our house. I remember that first dark green class roster grade book I bought. I scribbled fictional names and grades all throughout the pages. Once I even got a real overhead projector marker! Just like the teachers used!

When I was in 6th grade, I saw one of teachers getting ready to throw away stacks of worksheets. I stopped her and asked her if I could have them, telling her I wanted extra practice over summer. The truth was I wanted to role play and dream about being a teacher!

In high school, I volunteered my summers to help elementary teachers during summer school. I went to community college and worked as an assistant for the English department. Every time I would walk by an empty classroom or walked inside one, I would dream.

It’s amazing that I found myself just a few years later walking those same halls and right into a classroom as the instructor!

My teaching experiences took me across all grade levels. I taught in public school and private.  I  even taught at that community college I graduated from! My experiences teaching were wonderful.

I could not consider doing anything else until one day, I found myself holding a tiny, beautiful 6 week old little baby. Leaving her was out of the question. Both my husband and I knew I just couldn’t. I didn’t know that answer until that moment.

Two more beautiful baby girls have graced our lives since then and I have felt the same each time. I feel like all of my training, my education, my experiences, have culminated to this: the joy, privilege, and ultimate challenge of teaching my own children.

Do I miss the classroom? Yes! Through my teaching experiences, I found I loved teaching adults. I loved teaching at the community college. Perhaps, one day, when my girls are older, I will do it again. I’d love to be an adjunct and teach a couple of classes. Maybe when my children are grown, I will seek a full-time faculty role.

For now, I have a wondrous adventure before me and three bright-eyed, energetic, brilliant and completely lovable pupils awaiting me every morning! (Even weekends, holidays, and through the nights!). How about you? Dreams from your childhood? How do you feel about homeschooling?


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